Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Nice Long Steam

Morning Swim @ 24hr. - 1000m
Total Time: 18:47

Last night I set the alarm for 4:50am but then thought I may only swim 1000m so I really didn't need to get up until 5:05. After thinking about it for a bit I decided that some extra time to steam means more in the morning than a few extra minutes of sleep. Turns out it was an excellent decision as I was able to steam for about 12 minutes before showering and heading home. The water was fine this morning, cold at first but fine once you push off the wall for the first lap. I only have one more planned swim before the Tri but we will take our suits out for an OWS on Thursday after work just to get in a bit of swimming with them on. Saturday we plan on getting to San Diego early enough to do a swim in the ocean and check out the course. Since I have not swam in salt water before this will be a nice way to check it out before race day.

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jen said...

Oooh that sounds so nice! I sat in the hot tub for a long time myself, which was especially nice because it was pretty cold out (55 degrees maybe). Perfect steaming/soaking weather! :)