Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Since I was out of the office yesterday I wasn't able to post my weekend or Monday morning workouts. Then yesterday I was done a bit early (at a conference for work) so I was able to get in a ride after work and then this morning I was up for my swim. So without further ado......................

Saturday solo bike ride - 26.9 mi
Total Time: 1:35:00
Avg mph: 16.9

Jen is back on the marathon training regimen so I was off for a solo ride on Saturday morning. Rode the Al-CC-Syc-FH loop but added some distance on the end by heading back up FH to Amador then over to the IH. Overall it was a good ride with some nice hills and some good flat stretches to get in a good groove. About 2/3 of my way through the ride I was going down what I perceived to be a downhill stretch but my bike seemed sloooooooooooooooow - I stopped twice and checked the tires, they seemed ok but I knew that something was off. Fortunately my ride took me by the LBS and I stopped to ask them about a small slit in my tire (small and nothing to worry about it turns out) and also to have them check my tires and put in some air if needed. Well, it turns out both tires were low and the back one was about 30lbs under inflated!! Once the air was back in the tires the bike felt good so I decided to add a little extra onto the end of the ride.

Monday am solo run - loop - 4 mi
Total Time: 30:42
AP: 7:42

Up early for the Monday morning run and feeling a bit better now that I am used to getting up at 5am. The bad thing about that is now my eyes pop open around that time on Saturday and Sunday mornings too; fortunately I am still able to smile and fall right back asleep (until 7:30 or 8). The weather was great for running - mid 50's with a small wind to keep me cool. I tried to keep a strong pace but didn't want to run really hard so it was a balancing act the whole time. I was hoping to come in around 8 or a little under so my AP was great. No pains or problems (on the last two morning runs I had a bit of a shoulder ache one day and a side cramp on the other).

Monday pm - bike ride - 25 mi
Total Time: 1:23:35
Avg mph: 17.8

I was heading out of the city early yesterday thanks to a work related conference and I was excited to get in a few extra miles with the additional sun time I had. Jen was kind enough to pick me up at the train station before heading out for her run so I was home, dressed, and out the door quickly. I really didn't know exactly where I wanted to ride or how far so I just set out to see where I would go. I ended up doing the same loop as Saturday except for the end (I doubled back to do some extra riding after my tires were filled). It was a nice ride and the temp was perfect, nice and sunny with little wind, prob. in the high 70's. I felt stronger on the hills and thought to myself that it always seems that I feel stronger in the afternoon when compared to the morning. I kept a strong pace through the hills and was excited to hit the downhill stretches now that my tires were filled. When I reached the section of road where I thought I had a flat on Saturday I thought the same thing again! I decided it must be the pavement, maybe since it's sort of rough (surface wise, not bump wise) like sandpaper it slows the bike down a bit. Once I was off that surface I felt good again and was cruising along (I was riding the rough surface around 21/22 mph) at about 24/25 mph. My right leg started bothering me on the side right down the middle so I just kept a nice easy spin for the remainder of the ride. I stretched good at the end and am happy to say that this morning it was not bothering me at all.

Tuesday am swim at 24hr - 1000 m
Total Time: 19:09

Had my own lane this morning which is always nice; I don't mind sharing but I also don't mind having my own lane to cruise in. I felt good today and I don't think I had any laps go over one minute (typically I have one or two that go over one minute). I set the alarm for 4:55 am instead of 5 am and that gave me a few extra minutes to steam - Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Nothing beats an early morning post swim steam - ok, a nice steam after a hard day of skiing is hard to beat but unfortunately the 25 minute drive home from the ski hill is a thing of the past; now it's a 3.5 hour drive home in traffic and by the time you get home you aren't even cold anymore. Anyway, I digress - this morning's swim was great and I was surprised that my legs didn't really feel heavy like they have the last couple of weeks.

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jen said...

Wow, great job x 4!!

You are smokin fast on the run these days (without me slowing you down, right? jk!) and very strong on the bike. I can't wait to see how you'll do at the Mission Bay Tri.

Nice job getting to the pool too and I totally agree about the steam. I LOL'd at the ski hill part, that is so true. I miss Missoula!! We need to make a ski trip or two this year, even though we're gonna be wicked rusty and with out-of-style ski gear. :D