Monday, September 24, 2007

Swim, Bike, Run - Just not in one day

Saturday Swim @ 24hr. - 2000m
Total Time: 38:04
500 Freestyle at Faster Pace: 8:41
1250 Freestyle at regular pace
200 Breast
50 Back Stroke

Saturday morning arrived with rain showers and cold. I decided not to ride since I do not have any experience riding on wet roads; so I headed up to the gym for a quick swim. Jen was heading off for a long run so I was going solo to the gym. I got my own lane when I got there and wasn't sure exactly what I was going to do for a workout. My first 100m felt strong so I decided to keep swimming hard for the first 500m and then maybe do something else. After the first 500m I did 200m of breast stroke and then 50m of back stroke (which is very hard on the ole leg muscles). The last 1250m of freestyle I did without taking a break and every lap felt good. I ended the morning with a nice long steam.

Sunday - solo bike ride - 27.3 mi
Total Time: 1:28:01
Avg mph: 18.5

Sunday morning came with sun and no rain but it was still pretty chilly out. I headed out for a bike ride since I had not been on the bike since Monday and needed to get in a long weekend ride. I did the usual long loop but added on CT to Diablo to El C then to FH. It was a great ride and I never felt that I was putting in too much effort, just nice solid spinning. Got up to 36 mph on a downhill stretch, the fastest I have gone yet.

Monday - am solo run - 3.25ish miles
Total Time: 28:00
AP: approx 8:30ish

I was planning on having a nice easy recovery run this morning, especially since my bike ride was pushed from Sat to Sun. I did have a nice pace but had to cut the run short due to a pressing matter that sprang itself on me around mile two. Now I have had to go to the bathroom during a run before but this was something that I have never experienced, and hope I never have to deal with again. Fortunately I made it back to the house in time but it was tough - running only made it worse but time was also against me so I had to keep running!


Total Run: 12 mi
Total Bike: 58.55 mi
Total Swim: 4,250 m

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jen said...

Wow, you swam a lot this week! Not to shabby on the bike miles, since that is pretty much just your 2 long rides. :) Glad your run situation ended ok, although this would have been a much more entertaining post had it not! Ha ha, jk. Great job this week. One week to the Tri!!!