Friday, September 28, 2007

"Off Day"

OWS w/ Suits - approx 280y
Time: 4:23

Jen picked me up at the BART station yesterday after work and we headed out to Shadow Cliffs for a swim in our wetsuits; they are freaking awesome! I felt very buoyant in the water and it seemed like I could pull myself through the water much easier than without one on. We got out there as the sun was going down so we only stayed in the water for a few minutes. Getting them off was interesting but when they are wet they seem to come off a little easier. We messed around with them last night to test out the break-away zipper which is pretty cool. Tonight we are going to practice getting our legs out of them since that is the most challenging part. Oh yeah, they are QR sleeveless - the fit great but seem a little tight around the neck. I think we may try the blue-seventy suits before buying to see if there is much of a difference.

The "Off Day" Run
am run w/ Jen - 2.25 mi
Total Time: 20:51
AP: 9:26

Well today was going to be a rest day for me but Jen decided she was going to do her long run this morning instead of after work. Now she decided this a couple of days ago but she somehow left out the fact that I would be joining her for the first couple of miles. So at around 5:15 I got out of bed and we headed out; since she was planning on doing 14 total this morning and she has a 12 mile loop in the area we just needed to get in approx. 2 miles before she headed out on the loop. I was planning on doing 3 or 4 with her but when we got back by the house she decided to put on shorts really quick so I decided to end my run there - I figured I got up and got the blood moving so I really didn't need to do any more than that w/ the Tri coming up on Sunday.

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