Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Tuesday Evening Ride

Bike 14.3 miles solo after work - Al to Noris to FH
Total Time: 49:26
Avg mph: 17.3

Took off for a solo ride last night after work at around 6:50 and got home right as it was getting dark. I was surprised when I saw the sun halfway behind a hill and it was only 6:52! Seems like the day is rapidly getting shorter and I know soon it will be dark when I get to work and dark when I leave. Guess I need to get in as many rides as I can between now and then. I don't mind running in the dark but I have a feeling that riding in the dark is a different story all together. Before leaving for my ride I went to fill up my tire (the one I replaced on Monday) but right away I realized that we didn't have a Presta adapter for our floor pump so I gave my tire a good 100 pumps with my pocket rocket and decided it pretty much felt like the front tire. There was a bit of a headwind during the ride and it was nice to be able to use my drops - I noticed that it really does make a difference when you get in an aero position. Oh yeah - no flats on this ride either!

1 comment:

jen said...

Nice job!

I had no idea about the adapter... I will pick one up tomorrow at the bike shop.