Thursday, September 6, 2007

Sandpaper Face is a Real Thing!

Swam 1050 y/m
Total Time: 20:18

Was up at 5:05 this morning to head up to the gym for a swim. I had to share a lane today so as I stood on deck I got a bit cold which made the water seem warmer than it did on Tuesday. I was letting my mind wander and the laps were clicking by, pretty soon I was at 750 and decided to do 1000. Well I thought I was starting lap 20 at the end but it turned out to be 21 so that's where the extra 50 came from.

Jen has always told me that my face feels like sandpaper for a couple of days after I shave and my beard starts coming in. I knew this was true since nothing makes a better itch scratcher than a new beard; however, I had no idea that it could cause pain and irritation. Today when I got home after my swim I noticed what appeared to be a rash on my shoulder - I thought it was strange but didn't think much else until I put some lotion on it and it burned. Right then I realized it was from my beard scraping my shoulder when I would breathe. I remembered feeling it during the swim but forgot about it right away after I was done.

I also found out today that Forward Motion Sports rents wetsuits and their location is much more convenient for us since they are in the East Bay. We were going to rent them from Sports Basement in SF but now we might end up renting them at FM since pickup and drop off will be much easier.


jen said...

Nice job on the swim! You know you went an extra 50 just to beat me... :P

Sandpaper face is a reality my friend. I'm glad you are no longer in denial.

Anthony said...

Hey Rocket,
Sports Basement is now opening an East Bay location in Walnut Creek!!

I think you can find directions and such on their website.

Enjoy the trainning!