Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Saturday Bike and Weekly Totals

Sat bike ride w/ Jen - 13.16 miles
Total Time: 1:00:00
Avg mph: 13.16

We threw our bikes on the car on Saturday and headed up to Walnut Creek to get a ride in. We did a nice relaxed ride on the IH and some of the roads heading up to Mt. Diablo. When we decided to turn around I made the turn in the road and for some reason decided that I was going to stop really quick - well stop I did, right into the ground! Frick! I couldn't believe I fell again! I was more worried about my bike than the gash on my ankle that had re-opened. So Sunday afternoon I spent some time on my bike inside in the door jam. I would start tipping over then try to pull my foot in time to prevent a fall. It worked pretty well but I think it would be best if I could set up between two couches or something since the door jam is not that wide.

Weekly Totals:

Total Run - 5.75 miles
Total Bike - 63.46
Total Swim - 1800 y/m

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