Friday, September 21, 2007

Oh ho it's Friday

Oh, ho, ho it's Friday, you know
Never believe it's not so
It's Friday, you know
I am so glad that it's so.

Ran 4 mi solo - morning loop
Total Time: 28:52
AP: 7:13

Slept in till 5:15 this morning, woo hoo!! We were in bed last night around 9:45 so I felt well rested when it was time to get up. Still a bit sleepy at first but I am now feeling like I am pretty much awake by the time I am putting my shoes on instead of when I start running. It was a nice morning, temperature was perfect and there was no wind blowing. I wanted to run hard since this will most likely be my last fast/hard run before the tri next Sunday; and run hard I did. This was the first time in my running that when I stopped at the light to cross the street (at both crossings) I actually looked around while waiting for the light to change and considered where I would puke if it came to that; and it nearly did. I also had a shoulder cramp from miles 1 to 3 so I tried rolling it out, massaging it with my left hand, and letting my arm hang slack for a few steps. For some reason this never seems to work then all of a sudden I notice that it hasn't been bothering me for a while. I am usually so happy that it has gone away at that point that I really don't think about what caused it to start or stop.

This weekend we will be trying on the wetsuits at FoMo and reserving them if they are a good fit. If not then we will just go with the Blue Seventy from Sports B.

Thursday pm bike w/ Jen - IH and Neighborhood
Total Miles: 6.25
Total Time: 28:04
Avg mph: 13.4

After work Jen and I decided to get in a quick bike ride before it got dark - I took out the 7.3Fx and we headed up the Iron Horse. When we got to the turn around point Jen wanted to try a new route back through the neighborhood so I followed her on the streets and we found our way back home. It was a relatively easy ride but was a lot of fun.

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