Friday, September 14, 2007

Ahhhhhhhhhh - Recovery

Thursday pm bike w/ Jen - 6.9mi
Total Time: 31:38
Avg mph: 13.1

Jen and I went for a ride yesterday after work on the ole Iron Horse. I didn't ride (Name not yet chosen) since he/she was having shifting issues but thankfully I still have my old Trek 7.3Fx so I took that out. When I grabbed the bike I noticed that the front brake was rubbing on the rim so I played around with it for a bit. Finally got it to where it was not rubbing but then the brake was really loose - I decided it was fine for the ride and we took off. Typical headwinds on the trail but at about the three mile mark we turned off the trail and rode back through the neighborhood, sort of a choose your own adventure type of thing. It was a nice ride and a nice pace - but I miss (Name not yet chosen) and will be getting him/her to the shop today hopefully. This weekend I am going to play around with the break on the 7.3 and read about break adjustments. The ultegra components on the Madone are a bit different but I think that once I understand the basic adjustments I should be able to adjust those as well.

Friday am solo run - 4 mi
Total Time: 33:36
AP: 8:24

Up early for my run this morning - I was glad it was going to be a recovery run, this week has really worn me out. I think I am still getting used to the early morning workouts combined with after work workouts. I headed out and planned on running a nice comfortable pace and not push myself. Once the run was underway this proved to be an excellent idea. I felt good, wasn't sore, and my heart wasn't pounding like a drum. Now I can't take any of the credit for deciding to do a slower run today. My running mentor Jen has pointed out that the best way to get an injury is to go too hard and over train. Well with the Mission Bay Tri coming up in two weeks I definitely want to avoid any injuries so I took this advice to heart. I'm glad I have her keeping me in check.

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