Friday, September 7, 2007

Quick pm Spin and Mid-Run Acrobatics

PM Bike w/ Jen - 8 miles
Total Time: 33:25
Avg mph: 14.4
Post Run Short Brick: .5 mi - 3:35 - 7:10 AP

Last night after work we took off on our bikes for a quick spin before darkness arrived. I knew we would have enough time since we were on the road by 6:30; my main concern was with my sunglasses. They are good for a while after the sun sets but eventually I need to take them off. If I take them off then my contacts dry out and I have to stop and put in drops. Basically I need to keep an eye out for a pair of clear wrap around glasses to wear in the evenings. Anyway, we spent most of the ride on the road and off the IH which is good for Jen since it is helping to build her confidence on the bike.

Once we were done with the ride we did a quick brick run to keep our legs used to the off the bike on your feet feeling. My legs felt good and didn't feel very heavy and I took that as a sign that they may be getting stronger (at least my biking muscles).

Friday am run w/ Jen - 5.25 mi
Total Time: 47:06
AP: 8:58

We were up at 5:05 and out the door by 5:14 - Jen was planning on running a Birthday Half Marathon so she was up early to join me which always makes the run a lot more enjoyable. We kept a nice steady pace through the run and were chatting away off and on. Well at about 3.5 mi I moved over behind Jen to avoid some bushes and the next thing I knew she was flying through the air then landing on her side and performing a commando roll before coming to a stop in a sitting position. She stood up and we checked her ankles, knees, wrists, and hands for any sprains or breaks; thankfully she was only scraped up a bit. Her hands took the brunt of the fall and when we stopped under a light a half a mile later she still had a bb sized rock stuck in her hand. She pulled it out and we checked the rest of her over once more, wiped the dirt off her arm and hands, then started back up to finish the run. I finished up my run at 5.25 mi and Jen continued on; I'm glad to report she finished the Birthday Half Marathon without any additional problems (unless kicking ass is a problem).

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jen said...

Kicking ass is so not a problem. Unless you're YOU cause then I'm kicking YOUR ass. That's gotta hurt. :P

Really I was just showing you an example of how to properly fall, I hope you were paying attention! There will be a quiz (that is, I will trip you). Jk :P Thanks for helping me out. :)